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Other at 345 Harvard St

Trash / Stuff left from the homeless man at the STEDMAN ST ENTRANCE to the Ruffin Ridley School.
COMPLETED 2 days ago #25604
Other at 345 Harvard St

Other at 112 Longwood Ave

Car parked on the bikelane. At 115 long wood avenue
CLOSED Please call the non-emergency number of the Brookline Police Department 617-730-2222to request parking enforcement. They do not get these online reports. - 2 days ago #25566

Other at 23 Cameron St

Car parked overnight facing wrong way in front of no parking sign.
CLOSED Please request parking enforcement by phone to the non-emergency number ay the Police Department 617-730-2222 - 15 days ago #25463

Other at 256 Harvard St

Open, leaking gas can in congested intersection by Harvard and Longwood
COMPLETED about 1 month ago #25246
Other at 256 Harvard St

Other at 205 Babcock St

Casella employee is not wearing a mask while picking up recycling
CLOSED Thank you for using the BrookONline Notify Application. Thank you. - about 1 month ago #25253

Other at 1163 Beacon St

Trip hazard on cement sidewalk on Kent Street side entrance to 1163 Beacon St Please repair 93 year old mom tripped
COMPLETED 2 months ago #24997
Other at 1163 Beacon St

Other at 42.34 N 71.12 W

Jagged fence is sticking out tremendously and eye level to pedestrians. Location is at recycling Cardboard station in Centre St parking lot.
COMPLETED 3 months ago #24731
Other at 42.34 N 71.12 W

Other at 315 Harvard St

COMPLETED 4 months ago #24614
Other at 315 Harvard St

Other at 408–434 Warren St

Many cars parked on sidewalk and blocking sidewalk completely. Road is narrow and people drive fast so it's dangerous to walk on road. It also leaves no room for wheelchairs or strollers.
CLOSED As displayed on the app please contact the Brookline Police Department non-emergency number at 617-730-2222 for parking enforcement - 4 months ago #24425
Other at 408–434 Warren St

Other at 1366 Beacon St North Brookline

The restaurant Hamilton has constructed outdoor seating that juts out into the street and taking away the bike lane. How a private business is allowed to build upon public roads is beyond me.
COMPLETED The expanded sidewalk was retained by removing the adjacent parking spaces. - 4 months ago #24472

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