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Other at 72 Windsor Rd

Rat problem- frequent sightings; multiple rats near the street and in backyards. Dead rats in the street. Exterminator has been called but still a problem.
OPENED about 4 hours ago #33061

Other at 70 Centre St

No inspection certificate for elevator. Elevator has broken down many times so far this month
OPENED 1 day ago #33049
Other at 70 Centre St

Other at 1 Strathmore Rd Brookline

Is there anyone that checks on dogs off leash after 9:00 AM? The Waldstein park on Dean Road should not have dogs off leash after 9, and everyday we go at 930 or10 and they are still there.
OPENED 2 days ago #33031

Other at 10 Pearl St

Uh oh... corner of bike path near new patch covering site of a winter pipe break seems to be failing
OPENED 3 days ago #33029
Other at 10 Pearl St

Other at 42.33 N 71.12 W

Mbta sign broken, pieces are starting to move farther away from the frame location. Brookline village inbound station
OPENED 3 days ago #33022
Other at 42.33 N 71.12 W

Other at 261 Clinton Rd

Splash pads - any chance we can open them for this weekend with 90+ degree heat coming? Seems like a good idea to open early (by only a week?) with significant heat waves - thanks for considering!
OPENED 3 days ago #33021

Other at 63 University Rd Aspinwall Hill

construction starting before 7AM as usual
OPENED 4 days ago #33009

Other at 42.33 N 71.15 W

Grass way overgrown; invitation for ticks.
OPENED 5 days ago #33001
Other at 42.33 N 71.15 W

Other at 332 Tappan St Aspinwall Hill

Rats witnessed around and suspected to be nesting in the yard behind 332 Tappan St. Several years of debris have accumulated into a potentially unsafe and unhygienic situation. Please visit the site t
OPENED 6 days ago #32992

Other at 42.34 N 71.12 W

50 Stearns Road, new construction, construction noise continues to 6:30pm or later all week. It is now Friday past 6 pm and still heavy construction noise (hammering, drilling).
OPENED 6 days ago #32987

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