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Traffic Signal at 1184 Boylston St, Chestnut Hill

Work on the traffic signal pole on the corner of SW corner of Rt. 9 and Hammond Street last week. Pole is now missing the sign that reminded turning drivers to yield to pedestrians walking south.
OPENED about 20 hours ago #35098

Traffic Signal at Kent Street

Light on Beacon at Kent going east turns red before cars can get to after the light on Beacon at St Paul going east turns green
OPENED 6 days ago #35004

Traffic Signal at Eliot Crescent Brookline Norfolk County

more signage needed to show this is a one way street. Cars come from timon, white & eliot ave & go the wrong way often. it's dangerous
OPENED 8 days ago #34986

Traffic Signal at 606 Mountfort St

No Right on red sign required by MUTCD standards due to exclusive pedestrian signal and high number of pedestrian.
OPENED 9 days ago #34962

Traffic Signal at 1841 Beacon St

Please renable or adjust sensor. Light is turning red on Beacon even with no traffic on Englewood..
OPENED 13 days ago #34887

Traffic Signal at 101 Monmouth St

Crosswalk faded. Also should be raised, as drivers routinely run stop signs next to a daycare/park
OPENED 16 days ago #34841

Traffic Signal at Walnut St Brookline Norfolk County

Most if not all of the bike signals along Rt9 never change from red.
OPENED 18 days ago #34813

Traffic Signal at 199 Boylston St

Pedestrian signal offline
OPENED 27 days ago #34662

Traffic Signal at Emerald Necklace & Huntington Ave Brookline Village Boston

The signal needs to be reprogrammed. After pressing the pedestrian beg button, pedestrians and people on bikes still need to wait multiple MINUTES to cross the street, even with no car traffic present
OPENED about 1 month ago #34430

Traffic Signal at Saint Paul Street, Beacon St &, St Paul St

Traveling eastbound on Beacon St toward St Paul St, the traffic signal sensor in the left turn lane (to turn onto St Paul northbound) does not recognize a bicycle, even on the center line.
OPENED about 1 month ago #34327


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