Damaged Sign at 42.33 N 71.13 W

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Submitted Tue Jan 14, 2020

I've been reporting this to the MBTA for weeks but have realized this problem is likely under Town jurisdiction. There are two Handicap parking spaces at the Brookline Hills Station that are occupied every day by non Handicap vehicles, because the sign and pavement markings are illegible. Because occupants of those spaces don't pay, they are extra desirable. Last week the spaces began to be occupied by the private vehicles of MBTA and other workers associated with the BHS building project. One worker I spoke to assured me that the parking area would shift west within two weeks, and be ready to use at that point. I'm concerned that this lack of handicap space availability, which has gone on several weeks already, will continue for at least another few weeks, especially if new signage isn't installed right away. As you can see from the photo, workers will be tempted to park anywhere they can, draping their fluorescent vests to indicate "don't ticket," so please check for compliance.

address: 42.33 N 71.13 W

coordinates x,y: 757130.3871243141, 2945975.970622481

coordinates lat,lng: 42.33130209474256, -71.1266069329163

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