Public Trees at 77 Verndale Street

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There's major renovation going at this house. Contractors, trucks, and even a BobCat construction machine. There are two fairly large trees on the sidewalk in front of this house and yet, NO protection for the tree trunks. Compare this with a house on Kenwood that is also being renovated. At the Kenwood site the sidewalk tree are protected by big plastic wraps. At the Verndale site, nothing. One of the trees already have some of it's bark scraped off. Can something be done to protect these trees? It would cost a lot less to protect these trees rather replant new ones.

address: 77 Verndale Street

coordinates x,y: 755513.0782939639, 2951651.4814479235

coordinates lat,lng: 42.3468952, -71.13249769999999

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