Roadway Plowing/Sanding at 165 Oakland Rd Ext

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Submitted Jan 14, 2020

Sidewalk was shoveled (see center of photo right of utility pole) and oversized plow covered it with snow an hour later. The plow was almost two stories high with a blade 5 or 6 feet tall. It was speeding. Snow was spraying four feet high and four feet off the side of the plow onto the sidewalk. This is not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. Such a plow should be on runways at Logan. There was already a two foot high snow wall between street and sidewalk. A correct sized non-speeding plow should have just widened the road a bit more without throwing snow over the snow wall.

address: 165 Oakland Rd Ext

coordinates x,y: 758863.2431717488, 2944116.248761566

coordinates lat,lng: 42.32617793949182, -71.12022903596801

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