Park Playground at 345 Harvard St

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Submitted Tue Jan 14, 2020

Dog peeing on the Coolidge Corner School artificial turf - I have called the police as asked to do in previous requests that were closed - however by the time the police car arrives these people with there dogs are gone. My suggestion is that a police car regularly come around to the Coolidge Corner School artificial turf in the A.M. like now 6-7 A.M. It shouldn't be difficult to catch these people with their dogs on the artificial turf where there are signs posted ' no dogs allowed on the artificial turf '. These people with their dogs are out there every morning. I am glad my kids don't play on this artificial turf.

address: 345 Harvard St

coordinates x,y: 758097.0520623182, 2951163.421866805

coordinates lat,lng: 42.345525, -71.12294716666666

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