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Other at 42.31 N 71.14 W

The electrical current is unbearable again
7 days ago

Other at Citizens Bank (Coolidge Corner), 315 Harvard St, Brookline 02446

Homeless sleeping in bank again Police continuing to ignore
9 days ago

Other at Mirchi Nation, 477 Harvard St, Brookline 02446

Mirchi Nation restaurant rodents inside preparation area.
10 days ago

Other at Lee St

People have been crossing Lee St daily since it was a dirt road without any issues. Grow up and quit complaining Karen!!!
10 days ago

Other at 345 Boylston St

These steps at brookline hills train stop need to be better illuminated at night
11 days ago
Other at 345 Boylston St

Other at Santander, 1337 Beacon St, Brookline 02446

Sunday morning homeless man sleeping in bank. 2nd night in a row. Police how do I notice those but you don’t?
14 days ago

Other at 2–98 Henry St

Corner of Henry and Cypress. Ramp pad broken, trip potential
15 days ago
Other at 2–98 Henry St

Other at 50 School St

Should these (new?) air filters be sitting out in the rain?
15 days ago
Other at 50 School St

Other at 84 Winthrop Rd

Construction crew at house blowing dust into road
15 days ago

Other at Coolidge Corner

Homeless population in Coolidge corner continues to be a problem but police never address it
16 days ago

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