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Other at 5 Winchester St

There is extremely loud construction occurring across from 5 Winchester St - aren’t there rules re: permitted construction times? Thought this should end by 6pm on a weekend? It is nearly 8pm…
about 5 hours ago

Other at 8 Forest St, Chestnut Hill

Is there anything Brookline can do to make the Country Club stop shooting guns all day Saturdays? Those of us who live in Buttonwood living with trauma need it to stop. Desperately. Please help!
about 9 hours ago

Other at 381 Pond Ave

5 leafblowers going simultaneously beginning at 7:30 AM on a Saturday?! Even my noise-cancelling headphones don't make it tolerable.
about 17 hours ago

Other at Washington Square, 1628 Beacon St, Brookline 02446

The public clock in the median is still an hour ahead on Eastern Daylight time, which ended 5 weeks ago
2 days ago

Other at 21 Orchard Rd

Noise - leaf blowers -- constant most days and really loud. Please enforce the Town Ordinance
2 days ago

Other at 171–299 Lee St, Brookline 02445

Thank you for installing the flex posts along the bike lanes here! Its a great idea, and I think if you put them closer together it would really help to slow down the traffic here.
3 days ago

Other at 48 Mason Terr

Is Mason Terrace going to have street sweeping done?
3 days ago
Other at 48 Mason Terr

Other at 163–169 Lee St

Gas leak at the corner of Warren and Lee Street
4 days ago

Other at Brookline Reservoir Park, Route 9 And Lee St. And Warren St, Brookline 02445

Dogs left out in yard abutting reservoir 24 hours a day in this weather is terrible. Animal control needs to check on them.
4 days ago

Other at 1626 Beacon St

The clock at the Washington Square T stop is one hour ahead of the correct time. Oddly, before we "fell back" to standard time, it was an hour behind.
5 days ago

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