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Other at Pond Ave Brookline Norfolk County

Requesting more frequent signage designating pedestrian/cyclist paths along Pond Ave. Pedestrians walk the cycling paths wearing earbuds, unable to hear cyclists' announcements of their approach
OPENED about 11 hours ago #30835

Other at 540–550 Heath St, Chestnut Hill

Box cutter-style razor left on the sidewalk in front of Hammondswood condos (even side of the street)
OPENED about 14 hours ago #30833

Other at Cypress St Brookline Norfolk County

Cypress Street heading East across Rte 9. There should be two lanes painted there. Without lanes, bottlenecks are created. Everywhere else in the intersection, there’s a turn lane and a straight one.
OPENED about 24 hours ago #30828

Other at 27–99 Elm St

Vehicle often parked 24/7 on Elm St
OPENED 1 day ago #30827
Other at 27–99 Elm St

Other at 122 Westbourne Terrace Corey Hill

Once again Brighton residents have returned to parking overnight on our street they park overnight and all morning til afternoon please enforce rules increase ticketing to deter them from parking here
OPENED 2 days ago #30819
Other at 122 Westbourne Terrace Corey Hill

Other at 769 Washington St

Rat sighting near M Driscoll school/Bartlett st/Cres probably related to construction. Please put out traps.
OPENED 2 days ago #30816

Other at 446 Walnut St Brookline

The town sidewalk plow ripped up the turf between the sidewalk and the curb and dumped the turf on the sidewalk on Walnut Street 30 yards before the entrance to the Brookline Reservoir.
OPENED 3 days ago #30813

Other at 1–99 Jamaica Rd

This drain at the corner of Pond Ave and Jamaica Rd is almost full. Please clear.
OPENED 3 days ago #30811
Other at 1–99 Jamaica Rd

Other at 9 Station St

Kent Station Street lot stairs are crumbling
OPENED 3 days ago #30807
Other at 9 Station St

Other at 42.34 N 71.12 W

Cars parked all day on Harvard Ave on front of 50 Harvard Ave. Daily occurrence. Request parking enforcement as tickets are not being given out.
OPENED 4 days ago #30798

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