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Other at Coolidge Corner

Weedy mess along t tracks… really unsightly in Coolidge Corner but up and down Beacon St
REVIEWED The Town's contractor is currently providing maintenance on Beacon and should complete all beds outside the MBTA safety zone by end of day Friday(7/19). Inside the zone is now handled by MBTA crews. - about 10 hours ago #48054
Other at Coolidge Corner

Other at 42.34 N 71.12 W

Constant spot for weed smoking. Please patrol.
OPENED 1 day ago #48055
Other at 42.34 N 71.12 W

Other at Lancaster Terr & Beacon St

The 'No turn on red sign' facing Lancaster Terrace has little to no visibility for traffic. It's very common for traffic to ignore the sign and turn on red a light. This confuses pedestrians.
CLOSED 1 day ago #47902

Other at Cypress St Playground, 39–69 Tappan St, Brookline 02445

There are three utility covers in the outfield on the first base line of the field one of which has a big hole which is a big tripping hazard especially when playing a ball game.
OPENED 3 days ago #48005
Other at Cypress St Playground, 39–69 Tappan St, Brookline 02445

Other at 92 Dudley St

Tree in road need equipment to move
OPENED 3 days ago #48006
Other at 92 Dudley St

Other at 1485 Beacon St

I live next door to this building. There is a "cease all work" notice on the front of this building. There continues to be carpentry/construction noise and trucks present all day today 7/16/2024.
OPENED 4 days ago #47994

Other at 2–34 Washington St

The new bus only lanes are causing absolute chaos in morning traffic. Please consider sending police officers to enforce the new lanes for a couple of days until people accept the new format.
OPENED 4 days ago #47989

Other at 21 Chapel St

Wasp nest on metal box on utility pole on sidewalk, next to MBTA shelter
OPENED 5 days ago #47950

Other at Sumner Rd

Hazardous waste product has been dumped and left at the corner of Sumner and Buckninster for nearly a week.
OPENED 6 days ago #47929
Other at Sumner Rd

Other at 1717 Beacon St

Male employee with a long beard working in the deli without wearing a net on his beard. I don't want hair in my deli food he is serving.
OPENED 6 days ago #47928

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