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Other at 74 Amory St

This political sign has been on town property for weeks now. I don't understand why it is allowed to be there.
OPENED about 6 hours ago #24351
Other at 74 Amory St

Other at 49 Westbourne Terrace Corey Hill

we have swept up five buckets of sand in road next to our house at a storm drain and we don't know how to dispose of it. After the rain this week more sand accumulated, I guess from construction furt
OPENED about 11 hours ago #24350

Other at 155 Heath St, Chestnut Hill

Construction happening after permitted hours. Construction with heavy machinery happening close to 8pm.
OPENED 2 days ago #24336

Other at 189 Harvard St

Titletown Barber Shop employees smoking infront of entrance, blocking sidewalk
OPENED 2 days ago #24335

Other at 219 Washington St Brookline Village

Ongoing road construction has expired "no parking" signs indicating work was to be completed on 5/17. When is very loud and disruptive construction to be completed?
OPENED 3 days ago #24325

Other at 144 Thorndike St

There is a low hanging wire over this home's side walk and driveway. Please fix
OPENED 3 days ago #24324

Other at 12 Salisbury Rd Salisbury Road Corey Farm

This telephone pole will topple over and kill someone one of these days.
OPENED 5 days ago #24316
Other at 12 Salisbury Rd Salisbury Road   Corey Farm

Other at Station St Brookline Village Brookline

A few doors to the left of Puppet Showplace, there are several dirty mattresses that have been put outside. I think they may attract animals and cause a sanitation issue.
OPENED 5 days ago #24315

Other at 638 Washington St

Blocked storm drain
OPENED 5 days ago #24313
Other at 638 Washington St

Other at Alton Pl Coolidge Corner South Side Brookline

Alton Place and St. Paul Street - Please add a pedestrian cross walk here. This is a busy intersection and there is poor visibility for pedestrians due to side street parking. Thank you!
OPENED 6 days ago #24306

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