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Traffic Signal at 6 Juniper St

Is this pedestrian signal supposed to be audible? It doesn't chirp when the button is pressed, nor does it say "Wait."
OPENED about 4 hours ago #27640
Traffic Signal at 6 Juniper St

Traffic Signal at 559 Chestnut Hill Ave

There is no way to activate a flashing light signal when crossing Chestnut Hill Ave from the park to Hyslop Rd. Cars rarely stop if you're just standing there. Not safe for kids!
OPENED 8 days ago #27587

Traffic Signal at 9–21 Chapel St

The traffic light headed in the Longwood direction does not turn on when it is green. I think the red light works. This has been broken for a while and creates a safety hazard.
OPENED 12 days ago #27555
Traffic Signal at 9–21 Chapel St

Traffic Signal at Clearwater Rd Ma Us

The light at the corner of South Street and VFW cycles through a pedestrian crossing with lights red on VFW and South. The buttons don't work either. Please fix. Thank you!
OPENED 14 days ago #27521

Traffic Signal at Mountfort St @ Carlton St

Cars going west on Mountfort turning right onto Carlton, do not stop... Causing a grid lock
OPENED 18 days ago #27486

Traffic Signal at Washington St @ Walnut St

New bicycle signals on Washington St. eastbound through Walnut St and Brookline Ave remain red even when both the automobile and pedestrian signals turn green/white.
CLOSED 20 days ago #27262

Traffic Signal at 1223 Beacon St Brookline

Walk Signal Does Not Speak
OPENED 27 days ago #27392

Traffic Signal at 1163 Beacon St Longwood

Walk Signal Does Not Speak
OPENED 27 days ago #27391

Traffic Signal at 115 Marion St

Hello, the traffic light for Marion st. stays red for two cycles of light change on Beacon st. causing a long backup on Marion st.
CLOSED about 1 month ago #27211

Traffic Signal at Lawton St North Brookline Brookline

Can Town add a sign to REMIND drivers to slow down close by Lawton Street Park? Cars constantly speed down Lawton by park, school and pedestrian walk bottom of st.
CLOSED Need to submit to transportation board - about 1 month ago #26916

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