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Other at 1621 Beacon St

Intersection of Washington and Beacon continues to be a challenge as cars block the bike lane and right most lane on Beacon street for pickup and drop off at the Russian School of Mathematics
CLOSED 6 days ago #37406
Other at 1621 Beacon St

Other at Naples Rd Brookline Norfolk County

Near Gibbs and Naples, the metal water cover is sticking up and could cause car damage
COMPLETED Reset cover - 12 days ago #37314

Other at 1865 Beacon St Brookline

Alleyway flooded un-passable....1865 beacon st -rear.. public safety hazard
COMPLETED Private property - 12 days ago #37349

Other at 9–17 Walnut St

Black Toyota tundra ps8732 no front plate - just a cop blue line. New plates must be affixed to the front and rear of all vehicles
CLOSED 18 days ago #37270

Other at 23 Thayer St

Illegally parked car and no front license plate
CLOSED Moved. - 18 days ago #37267
Other at 23 Thayer St

Other at 50 Cameron St

Car is back again, even after being towed, parking overnight every night in the same spot.
CLOSED Motorists are free to park on any street in Brookline but are subject to parking restrictions such as overnight or 2 hr. violations. Multiple unpaid parking tickets trigger a tow designation. - 19 days ago #37250
Other at 50 Cameron St

Other at 370 Washington St

Hole in water supply (?) cover.
COMPLETED Replaced cover - 20 days ago #37229
Other at 370 Washington St

Other at 270 Clyde St Chestnut Hill

All day and night parking 7 days a week. On sidewalk, blocking bike lane, violating both 2 hour and overnight parking rules. At least one car, often 2 cars.
CLOSED Thank you. - 20 days ago #37238

Other at 32 Dale St Chestnut Hill

Silver Infiniti parks in area blocking or partly blocking driveways, violating 2 hour parking rules. Also frequently dumps trash and fast food trash out car door and leaves trash on street..
CLOSED Thank you. - 20 days ago #37239

Other at 61 Franklin St

# 36626 contained a question which has never been answered. May we please have an answer?
CLOSED Vehicle has been issued parking tickets in the past for both overnight and two hour violations as recently as last night. - 25 days ago #37163

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