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Other at 1613 Beacon St

Loose drain manhole cover in the middle of the street in front of a parking lot of bldg no. 1613 Beacon Str. Extremely noisy when cars go over it. Please secure the cover ASAP.
OPENED 14 days ago #25230

Other at 100–166 Greenough St

Broken pole from crosswalk found on park grass
OPENED 15 days ago #25224

Other at 333 Washington St

Same leaking and pooling from underground system as reported in ticket 25010 is still happening.
OPENED 16 days ago #25215

Other at Auburn St & Park St Coolidge Corner South Side Brookline

Car illegally parked across the crosswalk past the STOP sign on Auburn Street.
OPENED 19 days ago #25205

Other at 35 Cypress St

Looks like this aged garbage near a door marked 5 on Stanton Rd has been invaded by vermin.
OPENED 19 days ago #25195
Other at 35 Cypress St

Other at 261 Clinton Rd

Rusty chain link on path
OPENED 20 days ago #25183
Other at 261 Clinton Rd

Other at 226 Grove St Chestnut Hill

French water trucks have been coming from Hancock Village const sites &spilling water dirty H20 along the way. Today one almost dumped on walkers. What's in that H20 and why so full? Stop overfilling!
OPENED 20 days ago #25176

Other at 23 Tappan St

I submitted 20560 9 days ago and today submitted 25154. Construction should not block the only curb cut that allows those in wheelchairs to cross from the field side of Tappan to the Brookline Hills T
OPENED 22 days ago #25155
Other at 23 Tappan St

Other at 1306 Beacon St

Hops N Scotch is blocking so much of the sidewalk with signs and walls that it is impossible to maintain 6 ft of social distancing while walking on the public sidewalk.
OPENED 23 days ago #25151
Other at 1306 Beacon St

Other at 42.30 N 71.15 W

Replace pedestrian crossing sign! 12 days ago I requested you replace the crossing sign at this intersection. The DPW is functionally incompetent! Screw the taxpayers!
OPENED 23 days ago #25149

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