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Other at 100 Wolcott Rd Chestnut Hill

Can you tell us why an apparently healthy oak tree is being cut down in front of our house, near the street? The workers are milling around close to each other. Not safe in the time of coronavirus.
OPENED 11 days ago #23802

Other at 1440 Beacon St Corey Hill

1440 Beacon Street uses Sonder for short term rentals. Is this legal?
OPENED 11 days ago #23801

Other at 151–171 Dudley St

Construction erosion onto street
OPENED 12 days ago #23799
Other at 151–171 Dudley St

Other at Coolidge Corner Brookline Norfolk County

Today (3/18/20) I report a major concern around COVID19. Large groups of children are wandering around Brookline together bc of school closure. They are NOT social distancing, this is a major hazard.
OPENED 13 days ago #23788

Other at 183 Grove St Chestnut Hill

This store is understaffed and employees, through no fault of theirs, are not following COVID-19 precautions.
OPENED 14 days ago #23777

Other at 60 Davis Ave

Leaky hydrant
OPENED 16 days ago #23768
Other at 60 Davis Ave

Other at 43 Winchester St North Brookline

I received a parking violation, and I cannot find it in your on-line payment system (No 5045676). Happy to contribute, but there was no signage indicating anything about street parking
OPENED 17 days ago #23757

Other at 212 Chestnut St

My Apartment
OPENED 18 days ago #23751

Other at Freeman St

broken glass on and by sidewalk
COMPLETED 26 days ago #23627
Other at Freeman St

Other at 12 Homer St

Trashbags ripped open on sidewalk, trash day was Tuesday. Wildlife getting into it.
COMPLETED 27 days ago #23655

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