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Other at 111–113 Winchester St

The crosswalk paint is almost entirely worn making it so drovers don't stop for pedestrians
OPENED 19 days ago #24482

Other at 1366 Beacon St North Brookline

The restaurant Hamilton has constructed outdoor seating that juts out into the street and taking away the bike lane. How a private business is allowed to build upon public roads is beyond me.
COMPLETED The expanded sidewalk was retained by removing the adjacent parking spaces. - 20 days ago #24472

Other at Clinton Path Brookline Norfolk County

Illegally parked Jaguar
OPENED 24 days ago #24447

Other at 42.33 N 71.13 W

Marketing flyer left on door knob. Not only did the person who left this on our door trespass & they placed unwanted materials that could carry COVID-19. The company is "College Hunks Moving"
OPENED 25 days ago #24432
Other at 42.33 N 71.13 W

Other at 1032 Beacon St Brookline

Patrons at Bar'Cino not following social distancing and sitting 6 feet apart and many patrons were NOT wearing masks.
OPENED 30 days ago #24411

Other at 156 Grove St, Chestnut Hill

Protective cover is detached from the side of this utility pole. It's a tripping hazard. Thanks
OPENED about 1 month ago #24405
Other at 156 Grove St, Chestnut Hill

Other at Griggs Park Brookline Norfolk County

There have been fireworks going on every night near location above. Please arrest and charge whoever is doing this. Not only is it illegal in itself to buy and use fireworks, it also happens at 12AM.
OPENED about 1 month ago #24403

Other at Washington Square Brookline Norfolk County

Hi, I live in Washington Square and I hear fireworks ever single night. It's been going on for close to a week. Please arrest those reponsible and charge them. If it's in Boston, work with Boston.
OPENED about 1 month ago #24399

Other at Brookline Norfolk County Ma

Wondering about lawn maintenance? Lawn over 6” now
OPENED about 1 month ago #24396

Other at 42.33 N 71.13 W

Noise complaint - The owners leave their puppy alone for hours every day, and the dog is barking loudly and consistently. It also sounds in distress. We've tried contacting the owners to no avail.
OPENED about 1 month ago #24394

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