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Public Trees
Public Trees Request at Fisher Hill Reservoir Park, 78-144 Fisher Ave, Brookline
I am at this park every day and was initially happy to see the delivery of new trees, since quite a few have died at the park. However, for the past two days, I've watched workers remove seemingly healthy, leafy trees to replace. I've eve...
Opened 4 days ago - Request # 19159 via Web
Public Trees
Public Trees Request at 487 Washington St, Brookline
Use of leaf blowers on June 13th is both unnecessary and against town regulations. It causes noise pollution that effects the natural habitat. Please review with gardners who are employed by the town.
Opened 4 days ago - Request # 19158 via Web
Pothole Request at 2 Regent Cir, Brookline
There are series of large pot holes running along Regent Circle, by the Star Market.
Closed 5 days ago - Request # 19137 via Web
Broken Parking Meter
Broken Parking Meter Request at Centre St, Brookline
Parking is a debacle in this lot. IThe meters all do the same- all these new meters are rigged to take the maximum amount of money and I only wanted 30 minutes. I was given no options, and I kept pressing less time, but to no avail. Thi...
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19157 via Web
Public Trees
Public Trees Request at N42.34 E71.12
No parking sign fastened to public tree with 3 inch nails. Potentially damaging the tree.
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19156 via Android
Park Playground Equipment
Park Playground Equipment Request at N42.34 E71.13
Overflow trash can
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19155 via Android
Public Trees
Public Trees Request at 317 Cypress St, Brookline
The new tree planted by the town at this address (to replace the sapling that died last year) is not doing well. Other new trees along the street are leafing out, and this one has very few, tiny leaves. Could someone please check this? T...
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19153 via Web
Graffiti Request at 345 Harvard St, Brookline
Penis on new sidewalk in front of the Coolidge Corner School (formerly the new Devo). In front of the building wing near Zaftigs.
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19152 via iPhone
Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair
Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair Request at N42.34 E71.12
Clogged drain causes flooding and standing water.
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19151 via Android
Pothole Request at N42.34 E71.13
Missing gas or water hole cover. 20 shailer st.
Opened 5 days ago - Request # 19150 via Android

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