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Pothole at 3 Philbrick Rd

pothole as exiting Philbrick onto Route 9
OPENED 2 days ago #25923

Pothole at 185 Pleasant St

Same as #25585 and #25779
OPENED 14 days ago #25856
Pothole at 185 Pleasant St

Pothole at 4 Copley St

Request #25585 was not completed
OPENED 22 days ago #25779

Pothole at 448 Harvard St

In the crosswalk at upper Thorndike & Harvard St between gas station/store and Anna Taqueria there is a depression in the crosswalk, that we constantly have to avoid. Needs filling in. Thank you.
OPENED 22 days ago #25772

Pothole at 2–24 Philbrick Rd

Pothole on road
OPENED 24 days ago #25755

Pothole at 50–98 Philbrick Rd

Pothole on street
OPENED 24 days ago #25754

Pothole at 43 Sumner Rd

The road repair by the company that has been doing work on the natural gas pipes is subpar. The road is now really uneven with 1 " or more depressions. I ride my bike here frequently. It's dangerous
OPENED about 1 month ago #25580

Pothole at 317–323 Boylston St

Route 9 is a disaster. The asphalt is completely uneven before and after Cypress Street thanks to the unprofessional jobs done after utility repairs. It creates a series of dips/potholes. Thanks
COMPLETED State Highway - 2 months ago #24449

Pothole at 43 Verndale St

Road sealing contractor who was recently hired by the Town did a terrible job. This is in regard to ALL of Verndale St and any other roadways they repaired should also be inspected for defective work
OPENED 4 months ago #24821
Pothole at 43 Verndale St

Pothole at Boylston St Brookline Norfolk County

Route 9 continues to be a driving disaster. Cars have to swerve around deep dips and recesses like they are driving through an obstacle course. Please repair it.
OPENED 5 months ago #24612

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