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Other at 133 Wolcott Rd, Chestnut Hill

There is one particular aggressive turkey which has been attacking my car for the last few months, and my car is covered in damage from the constant attacks. Is it possible to have this turkey moved?
about 9 hours ago

Other at Coolidge Corner

Please help/remove the person living at the train stop.This is a safety issue for them in this weather and it is an unsanitary, unsafe situation for anyone taking the T.
about 24 hours ago

Other at 454 Washington St, Brookline 02446

A marked town dumptruck made an illegal left turn onto Washington nearly killing me and my child. License plate MI0 282.
1 day ago

Other at Harvard St

Fast moving bikes and scooters on side walks threatening the life of seniors like me who like to walk . I never saw anyone stopped by the police who is often in the area
2 days ago

Other at 1592 Beacon St

I want to inform, that my facility is having heating issues from start of winter, apartment management is yet to act on it.
2 days ago
Other at 1592 Beacon St

Other at Washington St

Will Washington St be repaved once gas line replacement is done? It is now MUCH worse than it was before the very costly repaving project. People driving in bike lanes to avoid all of the bumps.
3 days ago

Other at 25 Puddingstone Rd

Strong gas smell coming near hydrant across from 25 Puddingstone Rd.
3 days ago

Other at Brookline Reservoir Park, Route 9 And Lee St. And Warren St, Brookline 02445

Dogs left out at home abutting reservoir all day and night in this cold weather is disgusting.
4 days ago

Other at 37 Kendall St

5 days ago

Other at 15 Short St

There is glass all over the street across from 10 Short Street that needs to be cleaned up
6 days ago
Other at 15 Short St

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