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Streetlight Request at 1-99 Timon Avenue, Chestnut Hill
Street light on the corner of Eliot Crescent and Timon Avenue. Switches on an off intermittently.
Closed 19 days ago - Request # 9980 via Web
Streetlight Request at 300 Tappan St, Brookline
Streetlight dead at 300 Tappan
Closed 19 days ago - Request # 10004 via iPhone
Streetlight Request at 2-32 Penniman Road, Brookline
2 streetlights where out the other night just N. and E. of the junction of Willard & Penniman Rds.
Closed 19 days ago - Request # 10013 via Web
Pothole Request at N42.35 E71.12
Big potholes, corner of Pleasant and Thatcher
Closed 19 days ago - Request # 9988 via Android
Streetlight Request at 116 Fuller St, Brookline
Street light not functioning 80% of the time. Needs bulb replacement
Closed 19 days ago - Request # 9916 via iPhone
Streetlight Request at Boylston St, Brookline
Inefficient synchro between traffic lights in front of Brookhouse and the subsequent Huntington street causes long delays and stress, cars merging from Brookline avenue amplifies the situation, thanks for looking into it.
Closed 19 days ago - Request # 9948 via iPhone
Pothole Request at Grove Street, Brookline
Multiple areas need patching - it's falling apart and so is wallis road
Opened 19 days ago - Request # 10026 via Web
Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair
Sidewalk Obstruction/Repair Request at Winthrop Path, Brookline
2 dangerously and recently broken steps on Winthrop path between Washington and University Road. There are also several other broken steps on the staircase that were temporarily replaced with wooden steps that need a better permanent solu...
Opened 20 days ago - Request # 10025 via Web
Public Trees
Public Trees Request at 1011 Beacon Street, Brookline
Directly behind 1011 Beacon Street, Brookline there is a small ally. There are several trees that were damaged during the winter. One such tree dropped a large branch which is dangling from a power line. I contacted Comcast and the uti...
Closed 20 days ago - Request # 10010 via Web
Abandoned Bike
Abandoned Bike Request at 1310 Beacon St, Brookline
Opened 20 days ago - Request # 10023 via iPhone

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