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Pothole at 86–98 White Pl

OPENED 3 days ago #23855

Other at North Brookline Boston Norfolk County

Person trying to change wood to block bball hoop at court near Clear Flour Bakery. People sitting on benches in park. Is it closed or not?
OPENED 4 days ago #23854

Park Playground at Summit Path

Broken public park bench at summit Path and York Terrace, approximately 53 York Terr
OPENED 4 days ago #23853
Park Playground at Summit Path

Pothole at 1 Regent Cir Brookline

Giant Pothole between Star market and 1731 Beacon Street.
OPENED 4 days ago #23852

Sidewalk Repair at 15 Lanark Rd

15 Lanark Road is a Brookline address. Look it up on your tax rolls and then tell the contractor to fix the collapsed sidewalk
OPENED 4 days ago #23849

Other at 48 Waverly St

Gas station selling masks--somehow they have access to masks but hospitals don't? Pressure should be brought on them to donate their supplies of masks to local healthcare facilities.
CLOSED 4 days ago #23821

Abandoned Bike at 1862 Beacon St

SUV with no license plates parked here for several days now
COMPLETED Please contact the Brookline Police Department's non-emergency line at 617-730-2222 to report parking violations. - 4 days ago #23800

Sidewalk Obstruction at 179 Rawson Rd

Just because you own a Tesla and BMW convertible, it doesn't mean you get to park on the sidewalk.
CLOSED Please call the Brookline Police non-emergency line at 617-730-2222 to report. They are not notified of sidewalk obstructions via BrookONline. - 4 days ago #23848
Sidewalk Obstruction at 179 Rawson Rd

Sidewalk Repair at Fairbanks St Griggs Park Brookline

The wheelchair lift at the stairs on Fairbanks Street is not working
OPENED 5 days ago #23847

Other at Brookline Norfolk County Ma

The park has become a dog run, with dogs running everywhere off leash. With new social distancing norms, there already few places for children to safely enjoy fresh air. Please enforce existing rules
OPENED 5 days ago #23846

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